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Tokyo: One Month In. The Numbers.

October 9, 2012 | 3 comments!

100 square feet: how much larger our current temporary housing is than the last place we lived in.
8: Times I’ve gone swimming since we got here.
55,000 yen/ 700 dollars: train fare spent in four weeks.
7: Nomi-hodai is all you can drink for a number of pre-determined hours for a set price. I’ve already been seven times.
1: Number of times I’ve been to the DMV.
1: Bank cards that have decided to stop working for no apparent reason.
24: days out of the 34 that we have been here that I have biked more than 10 kilometers through Tokyo.
24: Dollars I accidentally spent on a single glass of beer when I converted the exchange rate incorrectly.
3: Friends I’ve made outside of the Embassy community.
7: Possible starter Friends. Cruel, but fair.
80,000: Number of times I’ve given my “getting to know you life story elevator” speech to people I’m meeting. I’ve narrowed it down to this: “I was born, and now I’m here. How about you?”.
1: Job I applied for that I did not get.

80 bajillion: Number of forms I have filled out and filed with some arm or another of the State department to ensure that we have running water, sheets, electricity, health insurance, that our stuff from the US arrives, that the stuff that isn’t arriving stays in storage, that paychecks get deposited, that I can get a set of license plates for the car, so that I can have an embassy ID, so that I can deposit checks with the cashier, so that I can have a Japanese bank account. So that I will be allowed to continue existing (that one has to be filled out in triplicate).

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This ten day tour costs $1550 per person. People sharing a room each pay $1450 per person. The price includes all accommodation during our trip, all transportation during your stay (unless you want to sneak out at night like teenagers- that’s on your own dime), all meals that we eat together (generally, all of them except breakfast and the occasional lunch when you are exploring on your own- but don’t worry, a typical meal on the street in Thailand costs about $1 and in a restaurant around $5), all cooking class costs, a Thai language class, and entrance to all of the temples, palaces, parks, and places that we go.

If you would like a first class train carriage to Chiang Mai, that can be added for an extra $50 per person. What the price does not include is your airline ticket to Bangkok or alcohol. But again, don’t fret. Cold beer usually costs around a dollar a bottle. Airline tickets cost more than that, but we’ll discuss that more in the answers to some questions section.


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I was  also on tv teaching people how to not cut off their fingers.  Watch this clip and remember that we start taping this at 5 am, and then tell me that the reporter-lady doesn't earn her keep.  No seriously, she is that perky.  Even at 5 am.  Holly keeps it real. (see more)

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